this is not the truth, but this is how it starts
holding my breath and making a clean pass
this is all I have and this is who I am
we hide away our flaws and enjoy it while you can

i want to be your brother
i want to be your father
i want to be your lover
i want to be your son

will you be my mother
will you be my sister
will you be my lover
will you be the one

you mean everything to me
would you do anything for me
give me all you have and I'll be yours

we tell each other stories
we smile and share a laugh
exchange some harmless rounds finding out our past
i try to earn your trust
i want to feel your pain
we close our minds to failure and go through it all again

i want to be your brother...

these are not my troops and these are not my lies
i renounce my faith in your squalid little lives
this is what I think for this week and the next
i'll be shifting my position whenever I am tested

i want to be your brother...