if i had the chance i would travel
learn every language like a native
if i had a choice i would stay here
and get to know my neighbours as friends

if i had the chance i would drive
i'd know country lanes and backstreets like the back of my hand
if i had a choice i'd take the train
i'd sit back and relax and take in the landscape

but when i see your face i lose my bearings
although i know where i want to be
and when i see your smile i'm lost
i feel like a child with no hand to guide me

if i had the choice i would teach
pass on what i know to another generation
and if i had a chance i'd sit and listen
learn from my elders who will give me of their wisdom

if i find my voice then i'll talk
tell you how i'm feeling and confess my inner demons
and if i have my way we will walk
hand in hand and arm in arm, down through the pages

but when i hear you laugh i lose my place
i forget why i came here and what i had to say
and when i see your eyes i'm away
living in the present i don't care what anybody says

can i do everything
can i be everywhere
can i meet everyone
and do you care

can i fill all my days
with ceaseless noise to fill this space
can i put everything back together