don't leave now
leave when i've talked to you
leave when i want you to
leave when i'm ready
don't leave now
leave when i ask you to
leave when i've talked to you
leave when i'm ready
but don't leave now

i can never find the time
i can never find a place
to tell you what i think and let you know how i feel about you

i can never find words
though they flow from my mouth
like a dirty tap spouting crap that you don't want to hear

don't leave now...

if i ran all day
if i drove all night
if i found a place where you could feel safe

if i held your head
if i kissed you good night
would that be enough to help you change your mind

don't leave now...

your light is still on at the top of the stairs
it should be so easy to walk through the door
and tell you what's on my mind

but i've been staring so long
now i'm hypnotised and tounge-tied and i'm feeling tired
i think i'll leave it till tomorrow night

please don't leave me now
please don't leave
don't leave me